Learn to Speak French Workbook

Today I'm gonna introduce you a nice and complete book about learning French language. It's been more than a decade that I've started learning French but unfortunately it's not been continuously. During the years I've seen and sometimes read a lot of books about French. Although reading the book does not suffice on learning a language but it would be helpful of course.

"Learn to Speak French, Workbook (The Learning Company)" by Linda S. Leppig is the title of the book that I'm talking about and I've approximat... Continue

Think like a champion by Donald Trump

It’s for a long time that I’ve been reading motivational books, and I will definitely do it forever. Don’t doubt that even very very successful people read motivational quotes and books every day. I had been heard about the written books by Donald trump but I hadn't been honored to read them. I found a nice one named: “Think like a champion”. I don’t know how to describe this one!

In the forward of the book written by Robert Kiyosaki, I saw a nice praise and of course a fact about Trump: “most of the people are... Continue