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Patterns, Principles, and practices of Domain-Driven Design

I don't know why I'm writing this blog post right now! I was supposed to write it when I was honored to receive this topless book as a gift by Scott Millett about 4 years ago! Now It's my send time that I'm reading this book and it's literally phenomenal one. I've read all the books written by Mr. Millett and I adore all of them. You will learn more than DDD and patterns by reading this book, and, I do believe that every single paragraph of this book deserves to be focused for several times.


If you are interested in software architecture and design patterns, firstly, read this book! I think you should have some architectural backgrounds in your mind, despite, everything has been covered in detail and approximately from scratch in this book.  For more information about the book you can see the table of content here and for purchasing the book you can refer to Amazon.

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Hi! my name is Ehsan. I'm a developer, passionate technologist, and fan of clean code. I'm interested in enterprise and large-scale applications architecture and design patterns and I'm spending a lot of my time on architecture subject. Since 2008, I've been as a developer for companies and organizations and I've been focusing on Microsoft ecosystem all the time. During the&nb Read More

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