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You are exactly what you care and think about

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

There are lots of books, articles, videos, and podcasts out there about this subject by most successful writers and heroes of the world. It's really easy to talk about this subject as everybody knows that it's been proved that we attract into our life what we think about and strive for. But do you have a daily plan to exclude negative thought and negative people from your life? Do you believe that our thoughts are the main material of our life's architecture? What do you most care about? Is it important to you if you are the protagonist of the gossips at you your workplace by your colleges?


I'm working on all of these subjects and I'm trying to control them in my life. Once Brian Tracy said that "If it leads you toward your goals then it's true"! Think about this nice quote and then think about what matters to you, your goals and standards. You can take time for considering that. I wanted to write a little bit about this subject as one of my friends quit last week because he was caring a lot about what his colleagues were talking behind him. By hearing that, I didn't tell anything to him as just like most of the people he thinks that he knows everything he needs and that would suffice forever!  


I've read and learned and achieved good results by thinking about what really matters to me and finally leads me toward my goals, nothing else! Try to think and matter what you really want and ask you what Brian has said every day!

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