About Me!

Hi! my name is Ehsan. I'm a developer, passionate technologist, and fan of clean code. I'm interested in enterprise and large-scale applications architecture and design patterns and I'm spending a lot of my time on architecture subject. Since 2008, I've been as a developer for companies and organizations and I've been focusing on Microsoft ecosystem all the time. During the years, I've tried to learn from new experiences and new technologies based on my needs and from 2012 I've tried to share my knowledge via this website. I approximately don't have any unplanned time in my daily life and I'm so hard on using my time in the best possible way. My mission is to learn and share, Though I don't have to spend lots of time on writing the blog post, article and producing podcast or videos; to be frank, I really enjoy by doing that!


Since the beginning of 2018, Rather than the blog, I've added some other parts to my website and my obligation has been increased about it. To make all these parts updated, I have to spend a lot of time and I'm really happy about that because I learn a lot by writing. In order to make the access easier, I've created tags for each part of my website separately. Besides, there are the upcoming posts under the tag sidebar to let you know my upcoming plans about the related part. Blog, Article, Video, and project are the sections containing development posts. But it doesn't mean that in other parts, I will write about the subjects rather than programming! 


Blog: I write blog posts based on my daily experiences and my new studies. I learn a lot by writing. Blog posts are solutions for development and hints for developers. Rather than Microsoft technologies, I work with other programming languages, tools, and frameworks such as C++, Phyton, Java and Javascript libraries. Maybe you find lots of tags in my blog but it doesn't mean that I'm an expert in all of them and as an architect, I have to be familiar with new technologies and tools. All in all, I'm a Dot Net developer and all my professional experiences have been in Dot Net. Some blog posts could be from scratch or a piece of code as a solution and some blog posts could be so basic or advanced. 


Article: In the article part, I try to cover the new technologies and development subjects in deep. Now a question could be raised in your mind that, what's the difference between blog and article on my website? As I mentioned before, the blog consists of daily experiences and usually short and they are only tiny solutions but an article could be too long and immense! I feel the same responsibility as writing a book about writing article because I have to spend a lot of time reading and researching to write an article so I have to have a deep knowledge about what I'm writing.


Book: The hardest type of content producing is writing the book. It takes a lot of time and effort and its full of responsibility! At the time being, I'm writing a book about Asp.Net Core, and I'm planning to publish it via Leanpub. As it's a new technology and there are not enough resources about that, so I have to make my hands completely dirty to produce valid content. I haven't settled on the name but probably it will be "Asp.net core in Real World". After reviewing, I will publish the first part of the book which is the first two chapters.


Interest: This section consists of my personal interests. As you can refer and see the content; I write about sport, traveling, business, languages, prosperity and etc. I don't want my website to be just for developers and I want to share my other interests and I hope they would be helpful! Rather than programming, technology, and occupation; I usually have a flattering plan for my weekends. Yes! I'm not that geek at the weekends! Despite I'm a real hard worker, I spend a few parts of my time on playing music, mountaineering, running, swimming and exercising. Running at the early morning is an inseparable part my life and I can't start my day without running. As I read a lot of motivational books, so it likely seems that I would write about them more than others!

PodCast: To be frank I used to didn't like podcasts! At least, I didn't like them in the development world. but after listening to some famous podcasts, I found out that it could be more and more effective in some cases. As reading might be tough sometimes, I think based on the topic it could be decided to produce a podcast or write an essay. You can not talk about a piece of code in the podcast but it's possible to share your experiences about teamwork via podcast. I create podcasts mostly about developing, but maybe you find some interest among them!


Video: In my point of view, the video is the combination of podcast and post. While watching and listening you see the steps and it makes it easier to grasp. Blogging could be complicated and hard to write if you would have to put 20 pictures of a tool to teach. So in these cases, you can create a short video. Although It takes much more time than the podcast, its worthy! I create video mostly about development but maybe in the future I post some music videos of mine, I'm not a professional one about that yet!


Project: Most of the projects are open source around the world and every developer loves to see what's going in the code! As all of us have used open source projects in our programming life. So as a developer, I want to share my open source projects with others. I've worked for a lot of companies in many projects but unfortunately, most of them are not open source and I can't ask them to give me the source but it's possible to write about the architecture with their permission. I describe the architecture of the projects as a project post and I share the whole source (for open source projects) in my Github account. 


Photo Gallery: I didn't want to have a photo gallery in my website as there are lots of related social media with the same target. But in order to make it everlasting! I decided to do that. As I travel a lot and I'm sort of an outdoor type, most of my photos are about traveling and one of my interests is photography, although I'm not a professional one! Rather than the trip, there would be other tags in the Gallery such as seminar or family.


finally, I would appreciate if you send your opinions about everything you see on this website. As you can see in the footer, I'm available in lots of social media. My skype name is ehsan.ghanbari, you can mail me via mail [at] EhsanGhanbari dot com as well. Feel free to contact me!